The first step to your SureCure Smile Solution is taking precise measurements of your teeth. Visit your doctor for 3D scans or an impression of your teeth. It's quick and painless. Those scans come direcly to our Technical Centre, and we take it from there to create a virtual treatment plan in conjunction with your doctor.


Treatment Plan

Once your doctor approves the virtual treatment plan, our Canadian fabrication facility manufactures custom SureCure clear aligners specifically for you - and your teeth. Your clear aligners are made of Zendura FLEX, best bio-compatible FDA-certified clear plastic.

Did you know, Zendura FLEX™ is specially designed to be more comfortable and move teeth more quickly than the clear aligner plastics of other leading brands.


Begin Treatment

Your clear aligners work by applying a small amount of consistent pressure through a series of trays, which you'll change every 7-14 days as per your doctor's recommendation, until your confident straightened smile is achieved. Wear your aligners day and night, taking them out to brush and floss and to eat and drink whatever you like.

Once treatment starts, your doctor will schedule check-ups to ensure your teeth are moving properly.