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SureCure aligners are custom made to fit your teeth ensuring a comfortable fit, and they can be removed. That means that you can continue eating the things you love and your oral hygiene practices remain virtually the same.

Traditional orthodontic treatment such as wire braces must be tightened regularly and are prone to getting caught on clothing, hair or any other items that are brought near the mouth. On the other hand, clear aligners have smooth surfaces that can’t get snagged on other objects. Further more they are entirely removable and can be easily lifted out of the mouth & put back in the mouth. This also makes it easier for the patient to perform normal oral care.

Clear Aligners can also produce remarkable results within a small fraction of the average treatment time for traditional wire braces.

As there are no protruding wires or bits of metal that can get caught on or scratch the lips and gums, clear aligners are safer than traditional metal braces.

Unlike traditional wire braces, clear aligners are almost impossible to detect.

These treatment plans are entirely computerized and because of that it is easier to follow and understand.

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