Montreal area Dentist. - November, 2018

"Awesome thin templates: Very little residual composite, if any, left in the tray because it is so thin. Much better than Invisalign or ClearCorrect."

Zendura Material Company. - October, 2018

"DOC is Canada's largest, most advanced aligner company."

Toronto area Dentist. - September, 2018

"Love the new product!"

Andrea R. - November 7, 2017

"When I went to the orthodontist they showed me SureCure aligners and told me that it was the same as Invisalign. At first I said no but then they explained that both systems were exactly the same except for cost. They promised me that my teeth would be perfect at the end of treatment with SureCure and they were right. My teeth were perfect and beautiful for my wedding; and our pictures were fantastic. Thank you SureCure for a perfect result.""

Rose M. - June 3, 2017

"My sister had clear correct aligners to fix her teeth. When I went to the orthodontist they gave me SureCure aligners. My teeth were more crooked than my sisters but the SureCure aligners made my teeth straight faster than my sisters. I am finished treatment and she is not; my teeth are beautiful. The Sure cure aligners fit perfectly all the time and were invisible. Thank you SureCure for a beautiful smile."