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Smaller Company: Bigger Pluses

  • We offer full orthodontic aligner systems.
  • Ortho assist service: dentists are supported by phone or in person.
  • Ongoing continuing education for staff and dentists.

Why Should Canadian Dentists Buy In US Dollars?

Because we're based here in Canada, we sell in Canadian dollars. You’ll notice the cost benefits.

No foreign exchange fees: ever.

SureCure Advantage

Your advantages at a glance


Aligners are made from a clear material which means they are practically undetectable


Treatment will provide optimal, precise results in a short span of time


Aligners are removeable to allow proper brushing and less risk of enamel decalcification


Aligners are removeable to allow proper brushing, eating and cleaning


Cost is similar to conventional metal braces


Aligners more comfortable than conventional braces

What Makes Us the Best?

SureCure Advantage

Invisible, Effective, Hygenic, Removable, to name a few.

Comfort & Convienience

SureCure aligners are custom made to fit your teeth ensuring a comfortable fit, and they can be removed

Health Benefits

Straight teeth are healthy teeth, healthier gums, easier cleanings, normal wear.

Aligners Vs. Braces

Partial visibility, comfortable, removable.


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What customers are saying about
SureCure Aligners and SureHold Retainers

Dr. Anderson. - November 2018

"The best interest of my patients is my sole objective. As a GP I continually educate myself on all products. SureCure Aligners are the best aligners I have ever used; they cost less money and are manufactured with the best materials available so that my patients and I both benefit. Since I started using SureCure aligners I have increased my net production by over $200,000 per year. Over the last two years I have treated on average over 120 of my patients per year and still I refer to my local orthodontist. My patients end up paying less money since the SureCure aligners are considerably less money but better manufactured and better esthetic than the other companies. SureCure seems to have figured it out."

Dr. Begg. - November 2018

"SureCure aligners cost less money and still uses the best of all materials. The aligners are the best quality in the world. The fit is the best; the translucency is the best and the finished product is the best of everyone. So tell me why would I not use SureCure aligners. Plus my bottom line has increased 30 % over using any other system. I could not be happier. Thank you SureCure."

Stephanie Jones, RDH. - November 2018

"When the patients get their SureCure aligners, I know that they are going to fit nice and snug. The quality is the best that we have seen in our office and we have tried all of the aligner systems. The treatment results are spectacular which gives us such confidence in SureCure aligners."

Dr. Johnson. - November 2018

"SureCure aligners are made from the zendura material. SureCure only uses the best biocompatible material on the market which ensures the patient safety. SureCure aligners are the absolute best aligners available as confirmed now by so many."

Rose M. - June 3, 2017

""My sister had clear correct aligners to fix her teeth. When I went to the orthodontist they gave me SureCure aligners. My teeth were more crooked than my sisters but the SureCure aligners made my teeth straight faster than my sisters. I am finished treatment and she is not; my teeth are beautiful. The SureCure aligners fit perfectly all the time and were invisible. Thank you SureCure for a beautiful smile.""

Andrea R. - November 7, 2017

""When I went to the orthodontist they showed me SureCure aligners and told me that it was the same as Invisalign. At first I said no but then they explained that both systems were exactly the same except for cost. They promised me that my teeth would be perfect at the end of treatment with SureCure and they were right. My teeth were perfect and beautiful for my wedding; and our pictures were fantastic. Thank you SureCure for a perfect result.""