Why Us?

Our customer service is engaging, expert and highly responsive. Put simply: we care.
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Smaller Company: Bigger Pluses

  • We offer full orthodontic aligner systems.
  • Ortho assist service: dentists are supported by phone or in person.
  • Ongoing continuing education for staff and dentists.

Before / After

There is no limitation to the types of cases that can be treated with SureCure aligners.

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SureCure Advantage

Your advantages at a glance


Aligners are made from a clear material which means they are practically undetectable


Treatment will provide optimal, precise results in a short span of time


Aligners are removeable to allow proper brushing and less risk of enamel decalcification


Aligners are removeable to allow proper brushing, eating and cleaning


Cost is similar to conventional metal braces


Aligners more comfortable than conventional braces

What Makes Us the Best?

SureCure Advantage

Invisible, Effective, Hygenic, Removable, to name a few.

Comfort & Convienience

SureCure aligners are custom made to fit your teeth ensuring a comfortable fit, and they can be removed

Health Benefits

Straight teeth are healthy teeth, healthier gums, easier cleanings, normal wear.

Aligners Vs. Braces

Partial visibility, comfortable, removable.